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lets all cry together

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Please let this happen.

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♛ Midna : TV Tropes 

→ Hey, don't think for a second that I care about your world of light... I don't! I'm helping you because I have to! You remember that!
Dream Drop Distance

Messing with some shots from the DDD op 

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So Korra is still ill and Jinora is getting tattoos and you tryin to tell me Katara didn’t haul her arse from the South Pole to help/attend the ceremony?

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{He’s Xehanort, you’re Xehanort, I’M Xehanort! Are there any other Xehanorts I should know about???}

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Amortentia, a Scorpius / Rose comic : page VI / VI

Yes ! I did it, it’s finally done ! I hope you guys are happy because I most certainly am :)

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So you know what we need in KH3? TWEWY world. But not just like Dream Drop Distance. Take Sora and co and stick them into the TWEWY art style.

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